The company was founded out of the need to satisfy the demand for the best quality olive oil around Sitia, which had to be produced and bottled acc
Toplou, Sitia, Crete, Sitia
Type: Cooperative/Association | Olive Oil
 ByRaKi flavor was created with a source of inspiration from the classic Cretan raki - tsikoudia and the traditional liqueur.The Cretan spirit
Menelaou Parlama 107, Iraklio 714 10, Greece, Heraklio
Type: Artisanship/Workshop | Spirits
The authentic Cretan approach to skincare with natural ingredients and recipes that truly work.
Gerani 73014, Chania
Type: Artisanship/Workshop | Other
Generations in Crete have nurtured the tradition of Maggiri pasta, a legacy unaffected by time.
Κάμπος Αγίου Σύλλα Ηράκλειο Κρήτης Τ.Κ.: 715 00, Heraklio
Type: Artisanship/Workshop | Other
“For most of us the olive tree and olive oil is connected with ancient Greek myths, biblical history and the
Pigi, Rethimnon, 74150, Rethimno
Type: Artisanship/Workshop | Olive Oil
The intense geological activity that millions of years ago created in Crete the Lassithi plateau gave birth to a unique, rich and diverse ecosystem
Psichro 720 52, Lasithi Plateau, Crete, Lasithi Plateau
Type: Artisanship/Workshop | Olive Oil, Pottery, Herbs