Join the Network

Members of the Network

are all companies, organizations and agencies which they:

  • Operate in the Greek countryside
  • Meet and comply with epaithros criteria
  • Seek to upgrade the quality of their services
  • Wish to improve their image and position in the market
  • Want to increase their efficiency and performance
  • Intend to upgrade the skills of their executives
  • Believe in networking - synergy and collaboration
  • Adopt and apply innovative methods and practices

epaithros membership criteria

Businesses, organizations and agencies must:

  • They are active in the countryside
  • They have a website
  • They adopt and respect environmental rules
  • They use local products and services
  • They invest in the training of their executives
  • They promote the joint product "epaithros"
  • They cooperate with the coordinating body

How to join epaithros network

Step 1: fill out the registration form below

Step 2: get evaluated based on the epaithros criteria

Step 3: become a member and register on the platform

Step 4: inform - learn - take advantage of opportunities

Step 5: enjoy the benefits of the network - grow...

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