Join Out - The Project

Join Out

Project Partners

  • Regional Development Corporation of Crete, S.A.
  • Sitia Development Organization S.A. 
  • Mediterranean Cloud Booking Services – MCBS 
  • KTEL Heraklion – Lasithi 
  • Daidalos S.A. 
  • Draxis Environmental S.A.
  • Neurolingo Language Technology Applications 
  • Choose Strategic Communications Partner
  • Altervision S.A. 


The "JoinOut" proposal is part of the Call for proposals for funding projects under the action "COOPERATIVE INNOVATION RESEARCH/ Clusters of Innovation: 2nd call". It adopts the philosophy of the Rural Tourism Network (epaithros) and at the same time aspires to design, implement, and disseminate new technological practices, to strengthen the actions of the Network and to deliver a sustainable ecosystem of synergies and partnerships of innovation and entrepreneurship.

"JoInOuT" enriches the tourism product, improves its competitiveness, and contributes to the sustainable tourism development.

In addition:

  • It contributes to the promotion of alternative tourism destinations and the support of professionals and rural visitors to ensure quality and unique travel experiences. 
  • It enhances the attraction of visitors to the countryside.
  • It contributes to extending the tourist season.

The project seeks to evolve into a collaborative structure, so that businesses operating or those about to operate in the countryside could take a new approach, access, and directly participate in research and innovation.

The cooperative cluster (innovation cluster) entitled: Rural Tourism Innovation Partnership, with ETAM S.A. as the management body and Aegean Solutions S.A. as the coordinator, has successfully entered the second phase of the funding derived from the Ministry of Development & Investment - General Secretariat for Research and Innovation.

In this second phase, the cluster, which was submitted to a competitive NSRF program in the field of Culture - Tourism - Cultural & Creative Industries, received a score of 4.54 with an excellent score of 5 and secured a total funding of €2,196,299.41. The duration of the project is 17.5 months, until 31.12.2023.

The cluster brings together a set of technological innovations for tourism and innovative tourism products that address visitors and businesses to facilitate their access to technology and innovative ideas that change the content of the tourism experience, modify business models, contribute to the sustainability and competitiveness of rural tourism in Greece.

Expected Benefits for the Rural Tourism businesses

  • Development and promotion of new tourism products aimed at attracting and enriching the rural experience.
  • Continuous education-training and awareness-raising in the context of the triple sustainability (environmental - economic - social).
  • Upgrading the services and products offered to the visitors.
  • Improving their position in the tourism market.
  • Promotion of joint promotional activities in Greece and abroad.
  • Development of partnerships at national and international level.

In total 12 companies and institutions are participating, 7 of which are based in Crete.