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Altersail is all about experiencing the magic of sailing in crystal blue waters, discovering new destinations and vacationing in an env
52 I. Polixigki Str. Heraklio, Heraklio
Type: Guided Trips/Tours, Sailing, Activities
At Cretan Wild, our aim is to share the beauty of Crete with runners from all over the world.
Δωδεκανήσου 10, Χανιά 731 32, Chania
Type: Hiking, Cycling, Activities
Scuba diving in Crete has always been a unique opportunity for someone to experience the magic of the seabed. 
Papandreou av. 137, 71414, Heraklion, Heraklio
Type: Water Element, Guided Trips/Tours, Seminars/Courses, Activities
Evenos Travel is an alternative travel agency based on the island of Crete, Greece that focuses on organizing and guiding personalised
Megala Horafia, 73003, Chania, Chania
Type: Hiking, Guided Trips/Tours, Activities
At Sailing, Exploring and Driving Creta we offer visitors a variety of high quality services in Crete.
ΣΦΑΚΙΩΝ 33, Χανιά 73134, Chania
Type: Guided Trips/Tours, Sailing, Activities
We are all about bicycles, Mountain bike tours, Cycling Routes & Adventure Holidays.
Panormo Milopotamos, 74057, Milopotamos
Type: Cycling, Activities
The 1st cultural e-bike experience in CreteEmbark on a captivating journey through the heart of Crete, tracing the footsteps of Soulouksin
Επισκοπή Πεδιάδας 70008 , Minoa Pediada
Type: Cycling, Activities
At Kranioti Aori, on Psiloritis, at an altitude of 848m, we built with our own hands a mitato - a shelter of Cretan tradition.
, Milopotamos
Type: Adventure, Seminars/Courses, Activities
57, Agion Apostolon Daratsos, 73100, Chania, Chania
Type: Guided Trips/Tours, Activities