About Us

Sustainable tourism is a development model that is governed by the triple sustainability terms (environmental, social, economic) and provides with a new perspective the countryside, so that it can recover in the modern world.

The approach of the epaithros Rural Tourism Cluster is based on the need to network all businesses and institutions motivated by the same purpose: de-urbanization, contact with nature, authentic acquaintance with the place, the creation of unprecedented emotions that the countryside can offer to the sensitive and aware traveler, in a sustainable and innovative way.

Naturalist experiences, getting to know the authentic place of visit and the emotions in the place where they are born (tastes, smells, sounds, knowledge) are the means of getting to know the Greek hinterland, where you can observe wild birds, spend the
night in an accommodation of genuine traditional architecture, visit a great monument, taste unique products, participate in local cooking classes, listen to melodies of another era, observe arts and techniques of another school, fully integrate into the landscape and open boxes of time that will make you wonder: "how far am I from the dream!"

The visitors of our website will find our member businesses and institutions, which they can contact for their special holidays in the timelessly hospitable countryside and nature of Greece!