Alter Sail

Altersail is all about experiencing the magic of sailing in crystal blue waters, discovering new destinations and vacationing in an environmental friendly way with respect to the beauty that surrounds us. 

Our People

Alter Sail

First and foremost the people behind the brand are passionate in sailing, discovering new experiences, advocating for nature and the environment and sharing cultural, historical and gastronomic journeys with their guests.

Altersail’s people and crew are carefully trained and are all certified skippers. Our sailing instructors are experts in teaching and they have first aid certification. The goal of the team is to constantly further their skills on new technological advancements, environmental projects and communication skills.

Our Company

Our company is focused on sustainability -with eco friendly sailing, biodiversity seminars and environmental activities – as we treasure the marine life and the seas that we sail in.

Alter Sail

The main focus of our team is to provide unique travelling experiences to those who join us on board and be able to promote a different way of holidays that is in balance with our body, souls and natural surroundings.

Leave the touristic crowds behind and discover new destinations in your private company or with a small number of people who share your love of the unique.

Lay back and relax on board with our experienced personnel and captains who will make sure you are always safe and informed.

Covid regulations are strictly followed as proposed by the government and our crew is always tested before welcoming you on board.